Say. Tailor-made communication.

Say is an interdisciplinary team of professionals specialized in education and oriented to language teaching, training and coaching. Our aim is to improve communicative resources in professional and personal environments as well.

We have developed a unique and personal method which has proved to be extremely effective in detecting corporate, academic or individual needs with the purpose of generating a personalized plan to successfully satisfy any kind of need arising either corporately or individually.

We are Say.
Let’s Talk.
  • 1. Understanding

    We define together the needs, list and design a specific tailor-made plan.
  • 2. Focusing

    We establish goals to be reached and design tailor-made methods while constantly checking both intermediate targets and working methodology.
  • 3. Accomplishing

    We analyze the goals that have been reached and identify the new ones warranting a successful process through innovative practices.

Academic Services

  • Services
  • Institutional identity
  • Problem solving
  • Sport psychology
  • Comprehensive sexual education
  • School for parents
  • Premium Services
  • Heterogenous classrooms
  • Vocational orientation
  • Responsible use of networks
  • Healthy eating
  • LSA (Argentinean Sign Language)
  • Personnel selection
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Individual Services

  • Services
  • Individual lessons
  • Translations
  • Interpretations
  • International exams
  • Premium Services
  • Conversation workshops
  • Language & cultural tours
  • Trips abroad
  • Cultural exchanges
  • ESP (English for Specific Purposes)
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Business Services

  • Services
  • In company lessons
  • Translations
  • Interpretations
  • LSA (Argentinean Sign Language)
  • Premium Services
  • Conversation workshops
  • Language & cultural tours
  • Trips abroad
  • Cultural exchanges
  • ESP (English for Specific Purposes)
  • Effective presentations
  • NLP
  • Coaching
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Say Team

Managing director Marisa D’Alessandro

I am a sworn translator and teacher of English having worked at all levels of education, either in front of a class or behind the courtains managing talents, working in teams with passionate people devoted to giving their best to help others discover their own best. This path took me to find ways to do my job better and better each and every day, along this journey I became a Master Practitioner in NLP specialized in education, a Coach with NLP and finally – for now- got a post graduate diploma in Management of Educational Institutions.

Say was born as a result of this search, joining capacities, knowledge, differences and similarities. Say is a team of experts who share their knowledge to help others grow and at the same time continue growing.

  • Karina Salto
  • Teacher of English.
    Language, academic and pedagogical coordinator
  • Brenda Martich
  • Marketing manager
  • Professionals
  • Interpreters
    Graduates in:
    - Education
    - Psychology
    - Nutrition
    - Coaching
    - NLP
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Let’s talk.
Let's find your own method.

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Our Passion

Teach to learn to discover our own tools and resources.

Our Values

Proactivity, perseverance,
flexibility, responsibility,

Our Main Goal

Identify objectives, make them our own and fulfill them.

Our Differencial

Assertive communication, creative talent, professionalism.